Feeling more confident

Eileen's story

Eileen’s story

Eileen was suffering from joint pain which was having a big impact on her mobility as well as her self-confidence to carry out every-day tasks. She had experienced numerous falls and found it difficult to go out to the shops or anywhere that involved getting up or down the curb.

Eileen felt so self-conscious and worried about the risk of falling over that it caused her to avoid walking and participating in other activities that she had previously enjoyed. Since completing the ESCAPE-pain programme, Eileen feels more confident. Eileen attended the ESCAPE-pain programme at Walnuts Leisure Centre by Mytime Active.

“ESCAPE-pain has changed my life a great deal actually and I’m just over the moon about it. I can get up the curb now, which is something I thought I’d never do, and that was my goal.

It [ESCAPE-pain] has opened up my eyes, it’s opened up like another life  for me.”

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