Expanding knowledge and improving outcomes

We fund innovative research projects in the UK that expand knowledge, improve patient outcomes and pioneer new forms of orthopaedic treatment. Here are just a few of our recent research projects.


Antibacterial coating via hybrid Layer-by-Layer deposition system for fighting infections in orthopaedic implants

Posted on: 26-09-2023
Newcastle University Senior Lecturers in Bioengineering, Dr Ana Ferreira-Duarte and Dr Piergiorgio Gentile, are recipients of Orthopaedic Research UK’s Early Careers Research funding. They are developing an antibacterial coating for metallic orthopaedic implants to help fight against infections.

Re-characterisation of ‘non-specific’ anterior knee pain after total knee replacements using a novel ultrasound method

Posted on: 16-08-2023
Jack Tu is using a novel joint dynamic analysis approach to understand non-specific anterior knee pain after total knee replacement (TKR).

Development of a Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Imaging Technique with Auto-Segmentation

Posted on: 21-06-2023
This project aims to demonstrate how a machine learning model can generate 3D images from two-dimensional ultrasound imaging, which is quick, cheap, widely available in a range of healthcare settings and radiation-free.

Identifying under-reported instances of peri-prosthetic fracture

Posted on: 19-05-2023
The findings of this research project on Peri-prosthetic femoral fracture will be used alongside data from the National Hip Fracture Database to raise awareness of the previously unidentified incidence of the injury and the potential impact on patients.

Optimising outcomes after patellofemoral (kneecap) joint replacement

Posted on: 17-04-2023
Ms Martinique Vella-Baldacchino, a specialist registrar in Trauma & Orthopaedic surgery, is a recipient of the Early Careers Research Fellowship for her research into kneecap replacement for patellofemoral joint osteoarthritis.

Using Virtual Reality (VR) and sensory feedback-assisted rehabilitation to manage chronic shoulder pain

Posted on: 15-03-2023
The winner of this year’s Inspiration Fund is a project researching Virtual Reality (VR) and sensory feedback–assisted rehabilitation for the management of chronic shoulder pain.

Using MRI Fingerprinting to understand if shoulder dislocations can lead to early arthritis

Posted on: 08-03-2023
Early Careers Research Fellow and Clinical Lecturer in Trauma & Orthopaedics, Salma Chaudhury, is using MRI techniques to research the relationship between shoulder dislocations and early arthritis.

Applying data analysis to the prediction of trauma patient outcomes

Posted on: 14-02-2022
Becca Stoner, the recipient of this year’s Joint Orthopaedic Research Fellowship (co-funded by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh), is researching the use of statistical modelling to help better predict trauma patient outcomes.

Increasing clinician confidence in hemiarthroplasty

Posted on: 30-09-2021
A team from Imperial College London’s Biomechanics Group is testing the use of a ceramic implant in hemiarthroplasty to establish whether this material can deliver lower revision rates.