Big improvements in walking

Colleen's story

Colleen, 84, is a retired nurse, who has suffered knee pain for many years. The pain made normal daily activities, like walking to the shops and taking a bath extremely difficult. About a year ago, Colleen’s pain increased so much that she was unable to climb the stairs.

She went to her GP, who referred her to an orthopaedic surgeon for a knee replacement. She was reluctant to have surgery and returned to her GP. She was subsequently referred by her GP to her local leisure centre as part of the ‘Exercise on Referral’ scheme. After an assessment by an Exercise Instructor, Colleen was offered a place on the ESCAPE-pain programme. Upon completing the programme, Colleen noticed big improvements in her walking.

She is able to climb stairs again, feels more confident and “much better in myself because I can do things again”. The programme taught Colleen how to manage her condition – and she’s determined to continue to do the exercises she learnt through ESCAPE-pain.

“I’m going to continue, I know that.“

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