Gaining physical and moral support

Regina’s story

Regina describes herself as being ‘in a really, really bad place’ before she was referred to her local ESCAPE-pain programme in Bromley. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis, she was in considerable pain, used a wheelchair and relied on others to help her get around. It was difficult to get out to the shops and the social activities she loved, including attending church. ‘It would take me 20 minutes to do a short walk which should have taken five,’ she says.

After being referred to the ESCAPE-pain programme she found that the benefits of the classes were not just physical. She enjoyed being in a group where she made friends and was able to talk to people with similar health issues. She also appreciated the fact that the facilitators took time with all the participants to discuss their progress and listen to their concerns. ‘They explained the exercises to us and encouraged us,’ Regina says. ‘The programme gave me physical and moral support – my confidence returned’.

Regina no longer relies on a wheelchair and is looking forward to returning to the gym soon. “ESCAPE-pain has given me my independence back,” she says.

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