Our impact

How we are investing in our future movement

Measuring the difference we make

We believe it essential that charities are accountable for their actions and especially their funding.  This is why we plan to reintroduced our annual impact report to demonstrate to our supporters and partners the difference that are making to the lives of the millions of people suffering from poor musculoskeletal health through the money we invest in training programmes, research and strategic partnerships.

Our measures for success are:

  • Increased awareness of our research and education activities among healthcare professionals.
  • The nurturing of talent within the field of MSK health.
  • The recruitment of advocates for our activities within the broader MSK community.
  • Securing co-funding from partners for our MSK projects.


The results of our funded research are generally readily available in the public domain through the publication of results in the media and the public presentation of research projects.  These presentations and publications are always peer-reviewed to ensure a consistently high quality of research.

Through our educational activities, we are training our next generation of healthcare professionals who directly help patients to live pain-free with improved quality of life.

Supporting Documents

Impact Report 2015

Impact Report 2013

Our impact to date

Invested in research with our strategic partners in 2021
Research projects funded since 2004
Educational events staged since September 2020
Healthcare professionals trained since September 2020