We focus on diagnostics and treatment to support bone, joint and muscle health.

We have identified three core areas in which, by unlocking additional capacity within the system, we can make a real difference to the lives of the millions of people suffering poor MSK health: training, grant-giving and partnerships.

Beyond surgery

We have expanded our training and education programmes to include not only surgeons but also allied healthcare professionals and individuals within primary care. Our research grant-giving is being extended to diagnosis and wider treatments, not only surgical intervention but also funding for related disciplines such as physiotherapy.  This will, in turn, help to reduce the demand for surgical intervention.

Faster impact

We are investing in more developed research projects to help people benefit more quickly from advances in product development and clinical methods.


As a small charity, we can only make a significant contribution by working with others. We have therefore increase collaboration with funders, academics, clinicians and business start-ups.

Our Strategy