Our Research Impact

To Advance Bone, Joint & Muscle wellbeing

Our research impact to date

Investment in life-changing research since 2004
Research projects we have invested in since 2004
Researchers and clinicians from our MSK community we have supported
MSK startups we are supporting to accelerate benefits to patients

We exist to support MSK research programmes capable of being translated into real benefits for our society

Our peer review principles

As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), we have implemented 5 principles of the peer review when selecting our research for funding.


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Our 3R principles

We are committed to the 3Rs of reduction, replacement and refinement, as basic principles of humane animal research.

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Invest in our future movement

The generosity of our donors is vital in helping us realise our vision of ‘Pain-free movement for all’.

Your support will help us continue to fund research in the UK into diagnosis and treatment, improving the quality of people’s lives, keeping them pain-free and helping them to remain active.


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Information for researchers

We exist to advance understanding of orthopaedic science. We do this by funding important research, publishing that research and collaborating with multidisciplinary centres of excellence.

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Our research strategy

The purpose of our research strategy is to outline our intentions to achieve our vision through research funding programmes and initiative within academic or non-academic settings over the next 3-years.

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