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Joint BOA/ORUK Research Fellowship

The BOA and ORUK have a shared goal to increase orthopaedic research by promoting the development of research skills within the specialty.

Both organisations are fully committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within trauma and orthopaedics and within research and reducing perceived barriers to entry.

BOA and ORUK have agreed a partnership over the next three years to jointly match-fund up to two ‘Research Fellowships’ in orthopaedics each year at a total cost of up to £65,000, per Fellowship.

Applications to the Fellowship will be open to BOA members only and one or more proposed supervisor of the research project should also be a BOA member.

Applicants to the Fellowship will have the option in their application to select whether the award would be taken on a salary or stipend basis and a full time or less than full time (LTFT) basis to a minimum of 0.5 full time equivalent (FTE).

The first awardees will be awarded their Fellowship during 2022 and undertake their research project over a 1-year period or other schedule as agreed with the Fellow.

It is expected that the funded Research Fellows will support both organisations with the public engagement, annual reports and publications, as well as fundraising campaigns (if any).

The financial and non-financial support of both organisations must be duly acknowledged in all presentation and papers on the research given by the awardee and partners.

Further information regarding the details of the scheme will be published soon.

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