Helping advance musculoskeletal science

We aim to fill the most important gaps in research funding in bone, joint and muscle well-being. We fund innovative research projects in the UK that expand knowledge, improve patient outcomes and pioneer new forms of diagnosis and treatment.

We fund MSK research to:

Expand knowledge

Improve patient outcomes

Pioneer new forms of diagnosis and treatment

Ease the burden on the NHS

Develop our understanding of MSK conditions

Support a healthy ageing society

Our latest research funds

The ORUK Early-career Research Fellowship

This fund will provide a total of up to £110k to support an early-career research fellow over two years.  It is designed to support the brightest and best academic talents interested in advancing MSK research in the UK. The aim is to establish researchers’ academic independence and international reputation, support them to become future MSK leaders and encourage them to become ambassadors for ORUK.

It is open to early-career clinical and scientific academics who have successfully completed their PhD or MD (less than 8 years ago).

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The ORUK Inspiration Fund

This fund will provide a total of up to £50k over 1 year. It is  designed to support innovative projects that meet patients’ unmet needs and help them achieve a better quality of life.  These projects must aim to reduce MSK pain, improve function, reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life. They must involve patients (or data linked to patients) with bone, joint or muscle conditions, must be evidence-based and take place in the UK.

It is open to scientists, orthopaedic surgeons , physiotherapists and other AHPs.

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The Ronald Furlong Fund

This annual fund of £100,000 is designed to support the development of one innovative and commercially viable idea from a UK-based start-up that solve the unmet needs of society around bone, joint and muscle wellbeing. The chosen idea must be backed by evidence-based research or include the development of such research and be supported by business and financial plans.

It is open to passionate and driven start-ups with game-changing ideas.

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Joint Partnership Funds

Through partnership with organisations that are strategically aligned with our vision, we jointly fund several research schemes to support the MSK community in the UK.

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