Peter’s story

Mental and physical benefits

When Peter was diagnosed with spondylosis in his 70s he feared that he would not be able to continue with his hobby of archery, walk any distance or even stand up for long. The former police officer had been enjoying an active retirement, but severe back pain now meant that he was on medication and had to undergo painful procedures to try and alleviate the condition. Peter was also told that an operation on his back was not possible because of the risks involved.

Persevere with it

When he was referred to an ESCAPE-pain programme being offered at his local sports centre in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, he decided to give it a go and soon found that the classes brought mental as well as physical benefits. ‘As well as easing my back pain, I also lost weight and generally felt more positive,’ he says. The facilitators took time to demonstrate the exercises and explain their benefits and Peter was so encouraged by his progress that he took out a gym membership to keep active. He found that the structured sessions, and support and encouragement of the facilitators and other participants, helped to motivate him and he enjoyed meeting new people.

Persevere with it

‘I would encourage anybody who is referred to join the ESCAPE-pain programme and to persevere with it,’ Peter says. ‘As you get stronger you are able to do more. I would recommend this programme for anyone with a back problem.’



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