Our partnership with Embryo Ventures

Pioneering start-up

We are partnering with Embryo Ventures, a London-based venture firm which backs pioneering start-ups and entrepreneurs. Our first collaboration is the creation of Novara Therapeutics which aims to commercialise the world’s first patented bio-specific solution for the targeted diagnosis and treatment of bone microfractures.  The Embryo Ventures team brings an entrepreneurial and commercial mindset to this project, which emerged from research and development work undertaken by the University of Brighton.

Embryo Ventures’ Chief Executive Dr Arash Moavenian has a passion for orthopaedics that stems from his PhD at the University of Cambridge where he worked closely with the orthopaedic research unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He considers the type of technological solution championed by Novara Therapeutics as playing an essential role in helping to tackle the ever-growing burden of poor MSK health on individuals and society:

‘Novara Therapeutics was born from our joint mission with ORUK to positively impact the lives of patients around the world. Leveraging on a firm foundation of robust intellectual property, we built a first-class team around Novara bringing on board Steve Smith as CEO to spearhead translation of the pioneering research toward a cost-effective solution for upstream diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic diseases. For ORUK the joint venture provides a new route to secure external funding, accelerate impact and realise return on investment that can be used to fund new research and ventures’.

Dr Moavenian sees ORUK playing a central role in connecting these different skillsets,

ORUK does great work creating opportunities across the MSK community to exchange ideas and insights and encourage collaboration, with the formation of Novara Therapeutics exemplifying the value that can be created by connecting academics, clinicians and entrepreneurs and fostering new ways of working together.





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