Controversies in Decision Making for Shoulder & Elbow Injuries | 20 November 2024


“Expert to Expert”

This meeting has been running annually since 2015 in partnership with the British Elbow & Shoulder Society (BESS). It serves as a forum for surgeons and AHP’s who are involved in shoulder and elbow practice to meet and discuss different aspects of their practice.

Topics include:
Shoulder trauma – decision making
o. Proximal humerus fractures – Leave alone, fix or replace? The coalface experience- does PROFHER help us?
o. Floating shoulder & scapula injuries- Is it always a fraught & fractious experience?
Shoulder instability- decision making
o. Can the new arthroscopic stabilisation management options be enough or do we need to think again?
Complex Rotator cuff decision making
o Do small tears really need surgery?
o Can you really fix big tears? If you can’t what happens next?
Elbow trauma- decision
o. How terrible can the terrible triad really be?
o. What does elbow arthroscopy offer?


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    Controversies in Decision Making for Shoulder & Elbow Injuries | 20 November 2024
    Location The Gordon Museum of Pathology


Mr Toby Colegate-Stone

Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, King's College London

Mr Toby Colegate-Stone is a Consultant Orthopaedic Shoulder, Elbow & Sports Trauma surgeon. He specialises in: Arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery; Sports Injuries & Fractures; Non-interventional treatment strategies; Shoulder Instability & Dislocation surgery; Rotator Cuff shoulder repair; Shoulder Arthritis & replacement surgery.

Mr Colegate-Stone studied medicine at Oxford University and completed his clinical studies at University College London (UCL) before being appointed onto the London Orthopaedic training rotation.

He undertook two recognised sub-specialist fellowship trainings. The first at the internationally renowned Cape Shoulder Institute (Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch) and the second at King’s College Hospital where he is now a consultant and Clinical Lead.

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