Research Funding

Financial Boost for Early Career Researchers

We are delighted to announce that we have received an award of over £700,000 from the Government to support our research programme. This funding will enable us to increase support for early-career clinical researchers and academic scientists interested in building and expanding their MSK research portfolio.

We support early-career researchers working on a wide range of MSK-related research projects across the UK and have invested £13.59m in the past two decades on research projects that expand knowledge, improve patient outcomes and pioneer new forms of prevention, diagnosis,  treatment and management. In addition to direct funding -often in partnership with leading academic institutions, health bodies and other charities – we provide training, advice and mentoring support for MSK researchers throughout the UK.

According to our CEO, Arash Angadji, ‘Early-career researchers play a central role in the MSK research ‘ecosystem’. The latest award from the UKRI Medical Research Council (MRC) will enable us to increase our support for talented researchers working both on new MSK solutions and ways to improve clinical practices and processes.’

The Chancellor in this month’s Spring Budget announced £45m to support charity-funded early career researchers. This was in addition to the £70m allocated by the government over the past three years, which has enabled over 2,700 early career research posts at over 140 UK institutions, funded by 96 AMRC member charities.