Let’s Talk Dr

We are partnering with the online training provider, Let’s Talk Dr, to help prepare students for the viva element of their FRCS exams. The company was setup by orthopaedic specialist Dr Rishi Dhir, who has been involved in regular television appearances and felt that the skills he developed in dealing with the media could be equally valuable to students. He says, ‘My belief is that technique and the ability to speak and deliver is actually about 80 percent of the exam.’

The online training workshops he has created for ORUK provide students with both the techniques and confidence to handle the unique pressures of a viva. He also believes that the communication skills students develop as part of their exam preparation will have a wider application to their medical careers: ‘An essential part of being a good doctor is good communication. I can speak from personal experience. I have found that developing my presentation skills has actually made me a far better surgeon. It’s made my brain much more logical in the way that I think through thingsand solve problems even when I’m in the operating theatre.