AI in Orthopaedics

Policy Paper Launch

Our AI in Orthopaedics Policy Paper was launched today at our AI in Orthopaedics conference at the Royal College of Surgeons of England – the first national conference in the UK dedicated to the role of AI within orthopaedics.

The paper makes a case for the important role that AI can play in improving clinical performance and patient outcomes, especially when used to analyse and interpret the vast amount of data that is generated within orthopaedics. It provides examples of best practice and also the barriers that need to be overcome if we are to make the most of the opportunity, plus the results of a research study undertaken among members of the MSK community. It concludes by outlining the ways in which ORUK can contribute to furthering the application of AI to orthopaedics through education, research investment, data standardisation and networking.

Supporting Documents

AI policy paper