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Novara Therapeutics is a joint venture company in which we have partnered with investment company Embryo Ventures to commercialise the world’s first patented bio-specific solution for the targeted diagnosis and treatment of bone microfractures.

It builds on over a decade of research and development work undertaken by Brighton University and the University of Milan into the use of a bio-specific contrast agent (based on a gadolinium-tagged peptide) in MRI scans and x-rays to identify bone microfractures. The presence of these microfractures is one of the reasons why older people suffer broken bones when they fall. Not only does it provide an early warning for potential bone weaknesses, but the compound has a therapeutic benefit by helping to stimulate new bone growth – for the technically-minded, it inhibits the osteoclasts responsible for removing bone cells, thereby reinforcing the work of the osteoblasts responsible for bone growth.

The researchers have also identified a new and exciting application of the compound to the treatment of bone cancer. They have observed how inhibiting the osteoclast process can prevent the spread of bone cancer cells to other parts of the body, especially the lungs. As a result of this discovery, Novara Therapeutics has pulled together a team of orthopaedic surgeons, oncologists and radiologists, mainly based at Newcastle University, to undertake further pre-clinical studies. It is seeking additional funding from leading cancer research charities.

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ORUK has been instrumental in introducing us to people from very different backgrounds but with shared interests, whether that’s identifying clinicians who might be interested in our technology or putting us in touch with potential investors. ORUK has the credibility that eminent researchers, professors, doctors are more than happy to give me an hour or a couple of hours for a conversation around our subject area.

Steve Smith

CEO, Novara Therapeutics

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