Next generation regenerative medicine


Next generation regenerative medicine

We are investing in this spin-off from Southampton University, which is pioneering the use of a nanoclay in an injectable gel form (Renovite®) that can carry biologic drugs capable of augmenting bone tissue regeneration.

Our funding is supporting pre-clinical testing of this technology, already widely used in the cosmetics industry, to prove that it can facilitate the precise and safe delivery of the drugs to the injection site.

This precision technology, means a lower effective dose of the biologic, reducing both side effects (which can be significant for such a potent drug) and cost. This has the potential to open-up new application and markets for the use of biologics for other indications beyond its primary use in spinal fusion.

According to Dr Agnieszka Janeczek, Co-founder / CEO,

Not only is ORUK providing funding to help us get to the next stage in our development, but it has also opened-up multiple links to industry professionals, clinicians and patient groups. This access has proven invaluable to help us understand the practical applications of our technology.

For further information on Renovos, click here.

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