Webinar with the Royal College of Podiatry

Toe walking

Toe walking in children might be part of normal development, occasionally persists as “idiopathic toe walking”, but can also be a sign of significant underlying orthopaedic or neuromuscular pathology. In this collaboration between the Royal College of Podiatry (RCPod) and Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK), Professor Cylie Williams of Monash University joins paediatric orthopaedic surgeons Michalis Kokkinakis and Gavin Spence to discuss getting the diagnosis right, red flags, referrals, evidence based management, and how we can collaborate across specialities in the best interests of the patients.

Target audience:

MSK podiatrists, orthopaedic registrars and consultants

Recorded 6 March 2023

Additional reading material: 

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