AI in orthopaedics | 6—7 November 2023


Day 1: Pre-conference workshop: 6 November 2023, The Medical Society of London
Day 2: AI in orthopaedics conference: 7 November 2023, The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Following the success of last year’s inaugural conference, ORUK is delighted be organising the second national conference on ‘AI in orthopaedics’ on Tuesday 7 November, in association with the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA).

In addition, this year we will also be running a pre-conference workshop on ‘Basic education in AI and ML with emphasis on its use in orthopaedics’ for non-specialist AI users, on Monday 6 November. You can register for just 1 or both days.

The programme will follow last year’s format of short presentations, adequate time for questions and a lot of time to network.

The content will reflect the feedback from last year and be based around:

  • Education in the principles and practice with AI and machine learning for non specialist AI users (Pre-conference workshop on 6 November)
  • Podium presentations from practitioners in the field, with emphasis on results of using AI (both positive and negative)
  • The challenges including issues around governance and consent
  • Key note presentations from funders, regulators and experts from abroad
  • Key note presentations from experts in allied specialities and some experienced practitioners from abroad, who have been working with AI and from whom we can learn

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    AI in orthopaedics | 6—7 November 2023
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Event Details

Early Bird Clinicians/Scientists/Engineers: WORKSHOP AND CONFERENCE
 - £250.00
Early Bird Clinicians/Scientists/Engineers: CONFERENCE ONLY
 - £150.00
Early Bird Industry/Company Representatives (Conference only)
 - £200.00
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