Week 1: Perthes Disease | 3 June

This week's course will be led by Adam Galloway (Leeds) and Dan Perry (Alder Hey)

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Course: Changing Landscape in Paediatric Orthopaedics I  (Jun-Jul 2024)

This week’s course will be led by Adam Galloway (Leeds) and Dan Perry (Alder Hey)

The power and availability of new technologies are changing our lives, our society, and our clinical work at an increasingly rapid pace.   In children’s orthopaedics the advent of new therapies, research methods, and surgical techniques means the spectrum of disease and the treatment we give is changing, bringing new opportunities but also new challenges. We see cases we did not see before, treat children whose natural history is uncertain, and face new ethical dilemmas.

This multidisciplinary online course for all clinicians involved in treating children with paediatric orthopaedic conditions aims to bring us all up-to-date with these exciting developments. The course is in two parts, each covering the latest advances in those areas of our practice in which the field is changing rapidly. Each webinar will be multidisciplinary, interactive, and full of individual case discussions, delivered by a team of experts from around the country and from many different backgrounds.

Webinars are weekly 7-9pm, each preceded by some pre-course reading material, and an illustrative challenging case study.

300 available